Creating experiences that connect people to God.


Totally Yours

Art, Music, Theater, Film Festival

The Next Generation of Evangelization

Be inspired by the many gifts and talents brought to your parish or organization by the “Totally Yours” experience team. By incorporating original Christian-art, modern and classic music, theater/vignettes bring alive Bible history.

The “Totally Yours” experience team will work with your organization (such as the Knights of Columbus, etc.) to create a one-of-a-kind event which can draw in all generations from your community.


About the Totally Yours Experience

“The Kilbrides have the unique gift of opening your heart and mind to the beauty which surrounds you, taking you by surprise in the process! Our spiritual life should be an exciting and imaginative journey of discovery which sustains and equips us during difficult and challenging times. We need to find our spiritual center, allowing a loving God to open us to new opportunities and possibilities. Enjoy!” -Father Gary Dowsey, Pastor Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Dunedin, FL