Creating experiences that connect people to God.



The Totally Yours Festival in Dunedin, Florida

Conventional Christian Topics,  Unconventional Experiences


We take a theme like “The Teachings of Christ” and create a walk-through experience including tents, live actors, and hands-on activities to create an interior experience of faith. Experience the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the bible. Utilizes original art, music, theater and film. “Totally Yours” themes: Eucharist, Universal Church, The Passion, Secret Peacock

Escape Rooms

We take a theme like Lynn’s book “The Secret Peacock” and create an exciting maze of rooms, tunnels and hidden trap doors to teach lessons of the faith. Lynn’s book focuses on the gifts of the Spirit, so that makes this a perfect immersion experience for confirmation candidates. Utilizes original art, music, theater and film. Escape room themes: The Secret Peacock, Symbols of the Church, Saints

Altar of Remembrance

We take participants through a guided meditation using colored gemstones to represent God’s different types of provision to construct our own altars of remembrance. Each colored gemstone represents a day of creation, and we focus on how we have seen God in our lives in seven different ways.

Christian Symbols in Art / Escape Room

We take famous masterpieces and uncover the hidden symbols contained in them. Then, participants move through an escape room filled with interactive art pieces, which further explore Christian symbols.

Christian Meditation

We teach people how to connect more deeply with God through mantra meditation using a single word, “Maranatha”. Benefits include improved calmness, focus in work, better relationships with self and peers.

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