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About Creating Sacred Art Book

“In this treasure trove of inspiration, Lynn gently weaves down-to-earth, art making exercises with thoughtful reflections about the power of creativity to uplift, inspire and connect us to something greater than ourselves. If you are looking to connect the dots between your creative practice and your spiritual practice, this book serves as a beautiful and practical guide.” -Flora Bowley, Artist and Author “Brave Intuitive Painting”

“Lynn Kilbride has the unique gift of opening your heart and mind to the beauty which surrounds you, taking you by surprise in the process! Our spiritual life should be an exciting and imaginative journey of discovery which sustains and equips us during difficult and challenging times. We need to find our spiritual center, allowing a loving God to open us to new opportunities and possibilities. This creative book is a recipe for wisdom, wonder, imagination and awe. Enjoy!” -Father Gary Dowsey, Pastor Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Dunedin, FL

“This book is another masterpiece creation from Lynn! In every project of the book, Lynn not only guides us with the “how to’s” but goes deep into the background of each sacred journey. We are enticed by Lynn to embrace each project and inspired by her in depth treasures!  This book is a gift that you will keep opening over and over again!” -Charlene Jain, Youth Ministry Director Notre Dame Parish, Clarendon Hills, IL


About Creating Sacred Art Class

“Thank you so much for all you’ve taught me! You created a wonderful learning environment – I felt welcomed and encouraged and inspired. Thank you for sharing such a wide variety of techniques and ideas and for teaching me how to create my own kind of “sacred” art and “sacred” space and to be more open to share that with others. I’ve taken several classes at DFAC and your class was truly one of the best! You have a wonderful teaching style.”

“Sacred art touches the heart and gives expression to our spirituality through imagery and symbolism.  Dare I call myself a sacred artist?  Lynn, and the experience I gained in her classes, has pointed me in the right direction, given me the tools, and encouraged me to explore. Thank you, Lynn, for your light and inspiration!”

“Having just recently lost my Mom, it was especially meaningful creating a retableau with a poem and memoribilia that vividly captured some highlights in her life.  Also, as we collected items for our outdoor mandala, again, symbolism was present.  This class was transformational: it helped me in the cycle of grief.  It also gave me an experience of spirituality quite unlike my own!”

To learn more about the class, go to www.dfac.org, and look under Life Arts for Class #126. Also look for Lynn’s upcoming workshop in the Spring!