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Event Themes

In each of these events, Sacred Spaces Group LLC will set up, lead, and tear down the event. The host pays retreat fees and expenses.


150manger“Images of the Nativity”, an interactive presentation helping participants enter into the nativity story utilizing the symbols hidden in several masterpieces.

Suggested audiences: Parish-wide, Youth Groups, Parish staff.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Passion Boxes”. These are seven cross-shaped three-dimensional boxes presenting the last 12 hours in the life of Christ. Participants are taken through a guided meditation that includes interacting with the art.

“Images of the Passion” an interactive presentation featuring masterpieces which make you look at the Passion from many different viewpoints.

“Via Dolorosa”,
where you walk an interactive path in Jesus’ shoes to Calvary. Also includes a cross veneration.

Suggested audiences: Though the subject matter of the Passion may be more suitable for school-aged children and older, families can enjoy the “craflection”, the presentation and the art walks together. Parish-wide, Youth Groups, Parish staff.


150life“Seven Gifts” is a powerful retreat in which audiences create an original art piece while meditating on the seven spiritual gifts. Also includes an inventory that helps participants discover their unique combination of gifts and how to begin using them in their everyday lives.

Suggested audiences:
This is very powerful for confirmation candidates, or those who have recently received the sacrament. But anyone who wants more information about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and their unique gifting, would benefit.  Confirmandi, Catechists, RCIA, Parish Staff.

Altar of Remembrance

150altarInspired by the Old Testament stories of how the ancient Jews constructed Altars of Remembrance to commemorate milestones in their faith journey, we also construct our own individual altars of remembrance. Using pre-printed mats and colored gemstones in a guided meditation, we construct our own altars based on our personal history.

Suggested audiences: Parish-Wide. We’ve done this experience with Communion candidates and their families, with youth groups and with adults.

Teaching the Catechism in Art

150creationPart interactive presentation, part self-guided retreat, “Teaching the Catechism” will help you enter into the Christian church and its practices on a whole new level. Lynn presents masterpieces and uncovers the hidden Catechism symbols in each. Then, participants move through a circuit of interactive art pieces, which further explore different church practices in a fun, meaningful way.

Suggested audiences: Parish-Wide, Confirmation Candidates, Catechists, RCIA, Parish Staff.

Christian Meditation

doveLearn to meditate using a single-word mantra, “Maranatha”. Join the ancient mystics; desert fathers and mothers who discovered the secret of being simple. A great benefit in learning to center, become calm, and connect more deeply with God through silence. Benefits to children have included improved calmness, focus in schoolwork, better relationships with self and peers.

Suggested audiences: Three-year-olds through adult.

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